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Red Saree

Red – The colour of love. The colour which arouses emotions in you. Emotions of a different kind! The emotion of love, passion, excitement,  of being ambition and achieving that ambition. Red is exceptionally intense colour – I am cent percent sure that you all agree to my opinion about this highly fascinating colour.

This fanatical red colour has differently the same signification at various corners of this word. In China it is colour of luck, in India it is an auspicious colour, in Japan –the colour of power, in Europe – the colour of lust. Not only in today’s era but also in ancient time red was considered as magical colour and symbolize superheroism to the Greeks.

Team Aditri brainstormed and decided to give a small tribute to the colour red. We want to take you to the times where this “colour of extremes” has always stayed with us and made us feel more confident and fiercely ardent.

We would like to highlight you how Indian women have made it as their permanent partner at different aspects of life and bought out self-confidence, determination, and love from deep inside their bosom

The colour of boldness:

Red is the colour of courage and sacrifice, as in blood spilt in sacrifice or courage in the face of lethal danger. We are not saying this, history tells. Majority of Indian queens were seen wearing red colour or hues of red colour. “khub ladi mardani thi, Jhansi vali rani thi vo”. Rightly guessed!  Rani Lakshmi Bai – Most memorable Indian warrior was generally used to wear red. You can see an adorable marriage of red and red in the biopic Manikarnika.

Red Saree

Red Saree

The colour of lust and sensuality:

Red colour creates positive energy which instigates the libido, and this is one of the reasons why Indian brides wear everything in red. They wear red sindoor or vermillion, red bangles, and red bindi. Newlywed will always have a huge chunk of red sarees. Also, according to one of the research by the University of Munich – on showing photographs of various girls to set of men, it is seen that most men liked the girls wearing red. By performing a few more experiments, they came to a point which says that their finding suggests that there is the link in Red and Sex.

jamdani saree

Red Saree

jamdani saree jamdani saree

The colour of festivals:

“Paint the town red” – An English idiom which means to celebrate, party hard and spread lots of happiness. You must have understood what role red plays in this idiom. Either it is an Indian festival or western; red plays a significant role. Santa on Christmas, roses on Valentine’s day,  Diwali’s red lighting and karwachauth – Ladies, all of these festivals ask us to dress in red.

Koriyal Silk Saree

Red Korial Silk Saree

Koriyal Silk Saree

The colour of worship:

The shades can differ from a bold crimson to a sizzling scarlet, from a subtle maroon to a girly cherry red. The choice of hue changes but love remains same, even for our Indian goddesses – Red colour saree. This colour has won the heart of every women– may be a girl, women, queen or goddess.

koriyal silk koriyal silk

Authentic Indian women always love to make a distinctive fashion statement, and red does the trick. Minimal gold or silver jewellery add style to her personality. So what are you all waiting for? Just explore the internet the world and grab the best red dress for you and tell us about it in the comment section below.


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