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Waltz into any room wearing this beautiful Baluchari saree. This saree is truly breathtaking in a striking shade of yellow perfectly accentuated with incredibly intricate work on the pallu. Pair yours with minimalistic gold accessories for a complete look.

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If you’re looking for a rich saree that will instantly transform you from simple to sophisticated, this Baluchari beauty will do the trick. Made from premium quality silk, the striking shade of yellow is perfectly accentuated with the stunning work on the pallu.

There are sarees, there are beautiful sarees, and then there are sarees that tell a story. These pieces are not just garments, but artwork. The Baluchari saree is exactly this, and more.

Popular in both, India and Bangladesh, these wonders in the weave are best known for the intricate woven work on their pallu. A closer look at each of these will reveal a tale, and that’s where the beauty of a Baluchari saree lies. There are multiple stages involved with the creation of a Baluchari sarees, from cultivating cocoons for its silk to processing yarns to creating a motif for the pallu and then finally, its weaving, which takes 5-6 days. The work on the pallu, in most Baluchari sarees, depicts detailed scenes from the Mahabharata or Ramayana. As you inspect the pallu at close quarters, you will find stunning finer details.

In earlier days, wearing a Baluchari saree was regarded as a sign of aristocracy. But even today, it continues to a style of saree that exudes class, elegance and sophistication. In fact, wearing a Baluchari saree is a sure bet to turn heads as its intricate design and weave are truly unique, that many have never seen before. A heritage style, the beauty of the Baluchari is so striking that it has found a firm place in modern day wear as well.

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