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Batik Sari
Batik Sari
Hand batik saree

Batik Sari


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Gorgeous hand Batik sari on bishnupur silk with black and yellow floral motifs.

Batik is an ancient art which uses wax and dyes to create a visual magic on fabrics. It is believed that the term is a derivation from the word `Ambatik’ which when translated literally stands for a piece of cloth with small dots or writing with wax or drawing in broken lines. It is an art appreciated all over the world.

It is believed that the finest Batik designs in India come from the artisans of Cholamandalam near Chennai, Tamilnadu. Batik printing is also done in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

While the techniques used have evolved over time and the screen printing method is used to create beautiful designs, in Aditri we prefer to do the Batik printing by hand.

Apart from the fabric used and the diversity in designs, there are four different techniques of making a Batik printed piece of cloth:

  • The splash method – In this process, the wax is splashed over the fabric in a random fashion and then the dye is poured. This results in a virtual explosion of random designs and colours.
  • The screen printing process – This method involves the use of a stencil to etch the designs in an orderly and defined manner.
  • The hand painting method – This process essentially uses the art of Kalamkari to draw the designs and separate the wax.
  • A fourth method used is the scratch and starch resist method.

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