Formal wear silk sari
Formal wear silk sari

Tussar Silk


Hand-woven to perfection, this tussar silk sari marries the contemporary with traditional in the most stunning of ways. Made from premium yellow and black threads, this colour palette is striking and modern. Be sure to accessorize yours tastefully

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Hand-woven to perfection, this silk sari marries the contemporary with traditional in the most stunning of ways. Made from premium yellow and black threads, this colour palette is striking and modern. Be sure to accessorize yours tastefully.

The saree has a way of being effortlessly stylish and staying perennially in style. But when you add a beautiful fabric to the equation, you have yourself an unbeatable combination. That’s what our online silk saree collection embodies, the ultimate in saree wear, all of which you can now carefully peruse through in the comfort of your own personal space and make yours with a click of a button. Our rich and diverse selection includes various different types, each of which is a unique representation of India’s heritage.


  • Bishnupur – Native to the West Bengal region, Bishnupur silk stands out for its soft, smooth feel. They’re particularly popular with sarees as the fabric falls beautifully and allows for fuss-free draping. You’ll find Bishnupur silk sarees in a number of different colours as well as use for various heritage weaves such as Kantha. Lightweight and yet elegant, a Bishnupur silk saree will never fail you!
  • Tussar – A silk type that is well known to India, Tussar is mostly made from silkworms in wild forest trees, and not mulberry trees. In fact, India is the world’s second largest producer of the fabric. Tussar silk sarees have a naturally rich feel to them, making them favourites for festive occasions and weddings. It’s also favoured in the sub-continent as a result of its lightweight and suitability to high temperatures. A low-maintenance fabric, Tussar silk makes for the perfect saree pairing on all counts!
  • Murshidabad – Few fabrics possess the natural sheen of – Murshidabad silk. Perhaps that’s why you’ll see most of these beauties best suited for dressier occasions. Historically speaking, it was one of the fabrics that the British were particularly intrigued by, making it a top export for The East India Company. Though traditionally considered a difficult to manage fabric, new modern versions of Murshidabad silk are hassle-free and provide the rich, elegant feel of the fabric without all the stress that used to come with it. Our collection of Murshidabad sarees is just that!
  • Kora – Typical of Varanasi, and known to lend itself well to Benarasi work, Kora silk has a sheer look and smooth texture. Often referred to as Organza silk in modern parlance, Kora silk is a crisp fabric that falls into a very sophisticated saree drape. As a result of its sheer nature, Kora silk is lightweight, while the inherently strong disposition of the fabric makes it a reliable choice for a saree.
  • Chanderi – Originating from its eponymous village in Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi silk is regarded as one of the finest fabrics to emerge from India. Its known for its ability to be dressed up with zari and brocade, and has an undeniably rich and opulent feel. Many Chanderi silk sarees are accompanied by intricate, hand-woven designs and are said to be must-haves for any saree lover! No saree collection is complete without a stunning Chanderi silk number!

At Aditri, we understand the importance of having a complete saree collection, one that boasts of classic, traditional styles suited to the contemporary woman. For those of you looking for more, for example, to purchase silver jewellery online that will complement our sarees, we’ve also included a special, unique selection of those. These styles pair wonderfully with our heritage saree pieces. Online saree purchase can be a daunting task, we’ve simplified the process to make it as straightforward and yet, informative as possible.



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