Silver Bangle


Who says accessories are only for those who enjoy making a statement? This pure silver kadha-style bangle brings together a classic style with the very popular charms concept. Truly elegant, wear this bangle at any time to complete your look with the right touch of wow!

925 Silver

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Made from pure Silver, this kadha­-style bangle brings together a classic style with the very popular charms concept. The piece is easy to wear, lightweight and has a chic pop of colour in its charms. Don’t miss the rose detail on the clasp.

There’s a special charm about Silver jewellery – it has a unique way of being at once, striking and elegant. While we search and search for the kind of accessories that will allow us to make a statement and yet, have a subtle style statement about them, Silver jewellery has a way of effortlessly achieving this. Be it small, sophisticated drop earrings or a chunky neckpiece, Silver jewellery has found a way of constantly reinventing itself and staying in vogue, year after year.

Each of Aditri’s signature pieces is made from 92.5% pure Silver and can be tested any credible laboratory for authenticity. With each piece we create, we make a commitment to timeless style and uncompromising quality. We’re confident that our versatile Silver accessories can be enjoyed by all – from the modern working woman to a retired senior citizen looking to add just a little bit of flair to her everyday look. For that reason, our collection has been purposed in a way that it is vast, from simple kadha style bangles to statement necklaces, with a whole lot of wow in between!

At Aditri, we understand the importance of having a complete accessory collection, one that also boasts of heritage styles suited to the contemporary woman. That’s why we have for you a curated collection of jewellery. Many of our styles complement our heritage saree and dupatta pieces beautifully. Online jewellery purchase can be a daunting task, we’ve simplified the process to make it as straightforward and yet, informative as possible.



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