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Linen Saree

This is the time for Millennials, we have upfront started putting convenience over everything. We are the smarter generation and always have simpler solutions to complex everyday problems. We want to automate everything! While this has impacted ‘ALL’ areas of lives but let’s just talk about clothes!

‘Athleisure’ is THE trend now! Yes, I too am game for jogger pants and bomber jackets and wearing sneakers with everything. But I feel this is slowly taking away from us our ‘traditions’. by ‘tradition’ I don’t mean ‘being conservative’ or ‘old school’. I just mean appreciating the beauty of our ethnic attire! What is the unique garment which makes India stand out from the rest of the world? The Saree. And what are we doing with it, branding it as ‘inconvenient’, ‘old’ and ‘boring’?

I am here to give my take to you and giving you my version of the ‘Saree’. The Aim is not to present the Saree in a ‘cliché’ way but give a twist to it by making it look more ‘Modern’. This beautiful saree from Aditri checked all the boxes for me. It was comfortable, yes it is Linen and while you can sway in linen pants just as well sway in a saree. The colour was gorgeous and can be easily traded for my Indigo denim! I chose a shirt style blouse to add the zing and completed it with silver boho trinkets!

Linen Saree Linen Silk Linen Silk Linen Silk Linen Silk Linen Silk

Hope you give a chance to the humble saree and see it’s magic!

Saree Courtesy – Aditri

xo, Tanvi



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