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kora silk saree

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kora silk saree

We, women, are indecipherable. We abhor men who keep brooding about their sex. We keep throwing tantrums about how difficult it is being a woman, a lady, and that being the opposite sex is so much easier. But then given a chance, would any of us like to be born as a man? Would any of us like to trade the life of a woman (miserable as we tend to call it) for the life of a man (rocking as we tend to see it)? Guessing the kind of hardcore “gender-narcissists” we are, I don’t think so!

How much ever we crib about the negatives that we have to put up with, we just can’t help loving and unknowingly taking pride in the fact that we were born into this beautiful gender, and we surely wouldn’t have it any other way!

There are major reasons why someone would love being a woman but here are some of the tiny little nonsensical reasons why I love being a woman.

tussar silk

We can order colourful, fruity and delicious drinks, with the prettiest garnishing without being stared at like an alien.

We can cry and wail and howl when we are stressed without being called a sissy.

Our clothes aren’t limited to shirts and trousers and our looks to stripes and solids.

We don’t have to be a freaking sports buff to get a bunch of friends.

We ALWAYS get a seat in public transport for ourselves in the craziest of times, thanks to people who made the laws!

We can be afraid of cockroaches and lizards all we want, and still not be laughed at.

Ajrakh saree

We get treated like princesses on our birthdays, unlike the guys who dread their birthdays, for reasons obvious. No one likes to get a black eye on their day. 😛

We can see through people, and nine out of ten times, our intuitions are accurate.

We can coordinate an event on SMS, update an entire bunch of friends on Bluetooth and get done with our course for the test the next day, all at the same time.

We can have babies. 🙂

We don’t have to worry about coarse moustache and beard every morning.

Lastly, we can genuinely love pink or any other bright colour without being judged. 😀

I indeed love being a woman. Don’t you? 😀



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